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Helping millennials SWERVE from stressed, stuck and burnt out to engaged, energized and empowered! 

Lauren McCreery, Certified Career & Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant & Real Life SWERVE Success Story

Our Mission

We help smart professional millennials SWERVE from stressed, struggling and burnt out towards energizing, engaging and empowering work using Coach Lauren's RIDE the SWERVE methodology.


As the "Burnout Generation" and the largest cohort in the workforce today, Coach Lauren believes it's time for change. That's why she works with Millennials and Organizations to build healthier relationships with their work and in their workplaces.

Life is too short to put up with crappy bosses, unfulfilling work, unsustainable workload, toxic workplace environments and that burnout #hustle culture.

Change is possible with the support of SWERVE Coaching & Consulting. Learn more below!

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