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Ready to overcome burnout and Strategically Swerve towards a sustainable and fulfilling career of your choice?

Hi there, I’m Lauren and I’m a Certified Career and Life Coach based in Toronto, Ontario. I'm the founder and lead Coach at Swerve Coaching & Consulting.

At Swerve, we're focused on coaching smart professional millennials facing burnout to Strategically Swerve towards a sustainable and fulfilling career and life of their choice.


We know first-hand that many people are facing burnout and searching for something more. We live in an increasingly complex culture where many of us feel the pressure to “have it all” and for that picture-perfect life.


Maybe you know exactly what you want to do but are held back by fear of failure or judgment. Maybe you’re completely lost but know that what you’re currently doing isn’t sustainable. Or perhaps you simply need to hit the reset button and learn how to thrive in your current role.

You are not alone. And we can help! 

So, do you want to make a radical career or life change as a result in pursuit of more balance, fulfilment and purpose?





"...I felt safe opening up to Lauren, never once feeling judged, pressured, or uncomfortable. I have participated in therapy with a psychologist, and this experience was much more emotional, and almost euphoric. It gave me more confidence in myself to trust in my own decision making, my ability to work towards my goals, and realize that I was the only thing standing in my way.  I highly recommend working with Lauren and allowing her to help you work towards your goals."

- Kate S.

Interior Design & Staging Consultant, Calgary, Canada

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