Coach Lauren of SWERVE Coaching & Consulting has had the pleasure of working with amazing clients - here are some of the kind words they had to say.

Lauren began coaching me at a time when I found myself taking on an expanded leadership role. During this time I was also at a tipping point of what direction I wanted to take my career. Lauren was extremely helpful in strengthening my abilities to:

  • Focus and commit to delivering a consistent vision for myself and the team;

  • Create an environment to encourage risk taking and accountability; and

  • Drive growth through people.


She gave me the confidence and tools to delegate, and transition from being a do-er to a leader. I came away from my coaching sessions with a clearer understanding of how people might respond to my actions and how I wanted to show up as a leader. Outside of my professional development we focused on my personal growth. She asked the hard questions, coached me through barriers that were holding me back and helped guide me to the realization that wanting to optimize my satisfaction in both areas, professional and personal, is achievable.


Lauren is incredibly perceptive and honest in her assessments, whatever your goals are she will help you reach your full potential.

- Helen Whyte, Director, Performance Management at RBC Investor and Treasury Services, Toronto, ON

Lauren was my Executive Coach in 2020 and I cannot speak more highly of her coaching style and skills. She guided me through a process to set measurable business goals and hold myself accountable to achieving those goals. Throughout the engagement, she helped me identify steps to ensure I would succeed, who I needed to get onside to help me sell an idea, and barriers to success. In addition to enabling the achievement of my business objectives, she also provided me with a framework and tools to facilitate the identification of my values and definition of both my longer-term professional goals and my value proposition to future employers. Lauren’s coaching has had a lasting impact as I can still hear her calming and encouraging voice in my head asking me thought-provoking questions to help me open my mind to different perspectives and possibilities.

- Shannon Filice, Public Sector Transformation Leader, Toronto, ON

It was an absolute pleasure to have Lauren as my coach! She created such a safe place for me to truly open up and be vulnerable without any judgement whatsoever. Her knowledge and wisdom has worked miracles for me as she knows exactly when and what to say to turn my negative stories and thoughts to positive encouraging mantras.


She has taught me how to do this on my own and provided many other tools and strategies for me to use on a daily basis which has drastically improved the quality of my life. She helped me to clearly define my short-term and long-term goals which ultimately gave me purpose and direction during a transitional period in my life. I am able to see things now from a completely different perspective after working with Lauren and overall look at life now through a lens of love rather than fear!

I highly recommend working with Lauren as your coach for any area of your life where you are looking for support, there is so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

- Naomi Wintzen, Property Leasing Specialist, Toronto, ON

Working with Lauren has empowered and encouraged me as a leader. Her ability to cut through the clutter, and really hone in the core of any challenge or problem, allowed me to really focus on what I was trying to solve or achieve. Through thoughtful dialogue and guided introspection, I have been able to discover areas of strength and areas of improvement. As a coach, I have relied on her sage advice and experience to help me arrive at my own decisions as a leader. The lessons I’ve learned and the notes I’ve made during our coaching sessions have helped both my professional and personal growth. I’m not afraid to admit I have some of her advice tacked on to my desk as reminders and prompts!

- Savia Rajagopal, Communications Manager at Ontario Public Service, Toronto, ON

Lauren graciously met with our divisional management team this past November 2020 to lead us through an important discussion regarding employee burnout. Lauren's approach to this topic was very engaging, informative and the advice she provided was practical and certainly timely. If this is an area that you want to learn more about I would strongly recommend connecting with Lauren.

- Steven MacKay, Manager of Union & Management Relations at Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat, Toronto, ON

I was given the opportunity to sit down with Lauren for coaching. I had an idea of what to expect, but was hesitant to see how this was different from a therapy session. Lauren guided the conversation based on the information I was offering. It was the most honest, eye opening, raw conversation I have had in a very long time. The way the conversation was guided essentially allowed me to explore my feelings, wants, needs, and come to conclusions based on the answers I gave to the questions Lauren was asking.


I felt safe opening up to Lauren, never once feeling judged, pressured, or uncomfortable. I have participated in therapy with a psychologist, and this experience was much more emotional, and almost euphoric. It gave me more confidence in myself to trust in my own decision making, my ability to work towards my goals, and realize that I was the only thing standing in my way.


I highly recommend working with Lauren and allowing her to help you work towards your goals. 

- Kate Swift, Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology Candidate, Calgary, AB

Lauren is a wonderful coach! She provided invaluable guidance and support for me when making a major decision regarding my future. Prior to working with Lauren, I wasn’t familiar with coaching, but now I understand the value of having one. Even the best athletes have coaches because there is always room to continue to improve and grow.

- Sujani Kamalanathan, Master of Science, Public Sector Innovation & eGovernance Candidate, Europe

Lauren helped get me moving on things that matter to me. She did this in part because she' s a good listener – a natural listener as well as a studied and skilled listener. She's a natural because, in my experience, she has the patience and curiosity to hear out and to help clarify goals. And she's a studied listener because she has the skill to help negotiate the values, expectations, and habits that gather around such goals over time, and may be in need of re-examining."

- Jordan Penney, Writer, Halifax, NS