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Tried & Tested Confidence Boosters (Part 2)

Last week I shared the first five of ten confidence boosters to start integrating into your confidence building arsenal. Let’s jump back in with the remaining five. This is a great article to close out mental health awareness month as these strategies also help build emotional, social and mental resilience - key ways to stay mentally fit! So, starting with number 6...

6. Create a Personal Board of Advisors & Call on the Right Board Member

You may have heard of this concept before - to proactively create your own board of advisors to support you in your personal and professional development. While it may feel advantageous to just call up a friend or family member when your confidence is down, sometimes this does more harm than good, especially if you call the wrong person.

Use this amazing template to think about who you would ask to be in the various positions on your personal board.

In some cases, you might wind up contracting a professional (like a career coach). Then decide who on your board of advisors is the right person to connect with when you need a confidence boost.

I’m curious, do you have your own board of advisors already? How did you go about identifying and selecting them? Likewise, are you on someone else’s personal board?

7. Throw on some Pump Up Beats

This one is easy, low cost and fun! A peer on my board reminded me of this simple, but surefire way to get amped up. Find a selection of your favourite pump up music and assemble a playlist. Now, give that playlist a name that also ignites your confidence.

The next time you’re about to do something that requires you to break through The Terror Barrier (a.k.a. fear), build in 5-10 minutes to listen to your customized confidence boosting playlist. Don’t forget to dance a bit too!

Looking for some confidence playlist inspiration? Check this one out.

8. Give Back by Volunteering

In the same vein as last week’s tip to Get Your Sweat On, which helps us to feel good by getting out of our heads and into our bodies, what feels better than being able to help others?

Volunteering has many proven benefits including building confidence. Whether you’re new to a particular profession, trying to gather new skills or you just want to connect with people while feeling like you’ve made a meaningful contribution, volunteering is a great way to do all that. Before I swerved towards Coaching, I was always wondering about a career in Marketing. I also have a passion for dogs.

So, I joined a crew of volunteers running the social media account for a dog rescue. But before I could jump right in, I supported the rescue with volunteer recruitment and onboarding which was something more aligned with my previous experience. Once I’d proven my abilities and the social media role became available, I was given the opportunity to take it on!

I learned about one segment of marketing, built many strong relationships within the rescue and community and developed confidence in a new area that was unknown to me. Additionally, I felt good about the ways I helped the rescue to achieve its mission!

This is just one example of how volunteering can boost confidence. How has volunteering positively impacted your life?

9. Keep an Accomplishments Tracker or Folder of Positive Feedback

Last week we talked about remembering past experiences when you were able to do something you didn’t think you could do. This tip is very much related to last week’s tip. I encourage you to keep a digital or physical copy two things:

  • Positive feedback - these can be thank you notes, emails, performance reviews or anything else where someone said something positive about your contributions and the impact you made.

  • Accomplishments - document both the big and small achievements. This can include small changes you’ve made, big projects you led, and any hurdles you overcame.

Now, put all of this in one spot that you can easily go back to when you want or need a boost! Said differently - make it both accessible and visible.

10. Adopt a Growth or Learners Mindset

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. The concept of developing a growth mindset isn’t new. In Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, she explains how our thoughts regarding our own capabilities impact the results we get.

Oftentimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to get it right the first time, or to do something new really well. This pressure doesn’t allow us the grace needed to enjoy the process of learning.

Here are some quick do’s and don’ts to boost your confidence by adopting a growth or learners mindset:

That’s a wrap on this two part blog about boosting your confidence.

What did you learn? What tactics do you use to boost your confidence? Share it with the world!

If you or someone you know is feeling stuck, I invite you to reach out by emailing me or shooting me a DM. I am currently accepting new 1:1 coaching clients for my six-month RIDE the SWERVE program. In this program, I partner with you to uncover the roots of your low confidence (among other sources that might be holding you back) and provide you with concrete strategies to build the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

About Lauren McCreery

Lauren is a Certified Professional Coach and real-life SWERVE success story. When she isn't working, she's spending time going on big adventures with her rescue dog, Finley! As the founder of Swerve Coaching & Consulting, she helps smart professional millennials who are stressed, stuck or burnt out to Ride the Swerve towards work that's engaging, energizing and empowering.

Feeling burnt out and want a career change? Book a discovery call today.

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