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What We Do

We help leaders of organizations build healthier workplaces that enable everyone to thrive. "SWERVE-proof" your organization with leadership coaching, strategic planning, change consulting and learning & development programming from SWERVE Coaching & Consulting. Learn more below!

Taking Notes


Whether you're an executive looking to enhance your leadership capacity or you have a team of leaders who need to level up, Coach Lauren of SWERVE can help. She has worked with countless leaders, from experienced executives to new managers, to develop greater presence, awareness and confidence resulting in real business results. 

Meeting Room Business


Taking a collaborative, client-centred approach, SWERVE Coaching & Consulting can help you develop and execute your strategic vision. With expertise in co-creating strategic plans and executing transformational change, SWERVE can help you create lasting and impactful change in your organization.

Quick Sync


SWERVE knows you're committed to supporting your employees to thrive, especially in these uncertain and stressful times. We offer a variety of off-the-shelf and customized sessions from multi-day team-building workshops to 1-hour webinars focused on topics such as leading through change, building a burnout resistant culture and more!


" Lauren was my Executive Coach in 2020 and I cannot speak more highly of her coaching style and skills. She guided me through a process to set measurable business goals and hold myself accountable to achieving those goals... Lauren’s coaching has had a lasting impact as I can still hear her calming and encouraging voice in my head asking me thought-provoking questions to help me open my mind to different perspectives and possibilities."

—  Shannon Filice, Director, Public Sector Transformation, Toronto, ON

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