The Mini Swerve

Interested in coaching, but not ready to commit to the Strategic Swerve coaching program? Get started with the Mini Swerve program, including:

The Strategic Swerve

A comprehensive coaching package that will help you Strategically Swerve to a sustainable and fulfilling career and life of your choice, including:

  • The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment

  • One 60-minute ELI debrief

  • Nine (9) 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Individualized client portal with access to career and life planning tools

  • Unlimited email and text communication between sessions

Additional Sessions

Additional 30 or 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions may be added to the Mini Swerve and Strategic Swerve coaching programs, including:

  • One session

  • Three sessions

  • Five sessions

Swerve Coaching & Consulting offers a variety of one-on-one coaching packages to support you with planning and executing your career or life Swerve. Review the coaching packages below for more information. ​

Why Swerve?

As your coach, you can count on me to...

  • Help you gain a deep understanding of what is holding you back from swerving to the career and life you want

  • Support you to take strategic actions that will help you to achieve the goals you have set

  • Create an open and safe space for you to explore who you are and what you want out of life

  • Hold you accountable so that you can achieve more in less time

  • Provide you with helpful career and life planning tools so that you can get focused

  • Guide you through meditations and visioning exercises in support of your growth

  • Provide unlimited email or text message support in between coaching sessions​​

Swerve coaching can enable you to... 


  • Determine what is and isn’t serving you well 

  • Explore what motivates and energizes you

  • Discover who you are and where you want to go

  • Define what a “sustainable” career looks like

  • Effectively plan your career or life Swerve

  • Gain confidence in yourself

  • Execute your own Strategic Swerve!